Convenient pockets Lightweight and comfortable Ghost Camo Silent and durable material

Silent Hunting Clothes

We design and manufacture highly specialized hunting gear, made with new fabrics and cutting-edge technology. We are the future standard of high tech and high quality hunting clothes.

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Ultimate Hunting Mission


We go where no one has gone before, so you can get closer than anyone ever has!

We develop, test and design all our products ourselves which means you get the best Silent fabric and camouflage around

Although all our competitors may quickly learn who we are here, they will never see or hear us.

We are SnipeNStrike. We are SILENT!

Wolf Series

6 pockets, lightweight, and with good fit and comfort. You will want to wear it all the time. Both micro and macro patterns.

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Puma Series

The specially designed Forrest Ghost camo, will take you closer to your pray, than you have ever been before.

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Bear Series

Perfect for bow hunting and walk’n’stalk hunting. The Forrest Ghost camo, will take you closer, than you have ever been before.

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