Can a deer see all colours and which colours are most responsive, in the eyes of a deer? This is the simple, yet to the hunter the very important question.

Quality Deer Management and University of Georgia did an experiment, trying to shed some light on this.

The result of the study found that the deer responded least to the colour red and was quicker to respond to blue. Also green and yellow, as well as UV light (ultraviolet) was visible to the deer, although they could not separate these colours as a human is capable of. Also, a contributing factor in the visibility to the deer is on which background the colours are seen; they are all more visible when in the open as opposed to a backdrop.

Based on these findings, we set forward to design a completely new pattern, with no whites as these reflects all colours. We wanted a pattern that would fit in to nature, i.e. not incorporating, for instance, any squares, as these are not found naturally. Furthermore, we went for a design with a mix of micro and macro patterns, as to make the pattern highly effective on both short, medium and long ranges. Finally, we wanted to make sure, that the fabric not be UV-treated, like many other manufacturers do.

As a result, we are very proud to introduce the Forrest Ghost Camo. It is perfect for use in basically all types of woodland and forests, worldwide, in all seasons.

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